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The gift of giving…

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The Water Stories

Every river has its ocean and this is ours. A pool of knowledge that allows us to bring to you all the water words heard round the globe, one Bib&Sola at a time…

At Bib&Sola we believe that one person can make a splash but together we make an ocean of change. This is why for every purchase you make Bib&Sola will donate 10 percent of all proceeds to water based causes around the globe.

We are busy creating awareness for the resource water. From understanding what contaminates flow through your shower, to connecting to those that live their life without clean water. There is so much to understand when it comes to this resource, the complexities of how it affects us on earth and mother nature herself.

The reality that we live in a world where people do not have access to clean water is something that we need to address and end. These people do not want our charity, instead we need to ask them what it is that will assist them in empowering themselves to create better lives.

Be part of learning how we can be part of making this change.

Learn about our partnerships and how we are part of solving.

10% of our profits go to our partner
organisations that are SOLVING the
water crisis that affects us all.

The Diary of a
Carafe Collection
where the carafes
speak for themselves…
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The Company

My mother was an artist. My father was a water lover. I was a dreamer.

Growing up by the sea I would sit for hours mesmerized by the ocean and all the promise it signified. I would watch my mother spend hours in her studio listening to everything from Stevie Nicks to Frank Sinatra. My father found his calm by way of nature and was never short in the philosophy of fun and the art of giving back. My life was filled with creation and curiosity. They were everything I would one day become.


Years later, I found myself with a penchant to merge their passions with my own and thus I came up with the idea of creating drinkable, sustainable art. One of kind pieces that would help preserve the earth’s most precious resource yet look incredibly chic doing so. And so Bib&Sola was born.


Bib&Sola is a way for us all to give back while still indulging in our need for beautiful things. So go ahead, have your cake and drink it too.

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Kira’s Story

My father always used to say “Water is like life. It has the ability to soothe and heal but when you least expect it can take you for one hell of a ride”

Boy was he right.

Bib&Sola is the diary of my personal “water” journey: the good, the bad and the artistic.

In 2010, I read in National Geographic magazine that some 900 million people worldwide don’t have access to clean water.

How could this be?

Bib&Sola became my vessel to make change to this fact. I decided to create handmade one of a kind glass carafes to encourage people to make a connection between the water they drink, the way they drink it and the impact that those choices have on all our lives.

Be stylish? Yes. Be naive? Never. Is that harsh? Maybe, but that's how we should all take our water, straight up.

So go ahead, make a difference and change the way you handle your H20 intake and see what a difference a little carafe can make…

Kira Heuer

P.S. Check out our thoughtful indulgence blog.

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